Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gay Blade Girls...

How would I describe "The Gay Blade"? It's not your typical hair salon... when you walk in the front door you will immediately feel welcome and comfortable... and you just can't help but feel happy. It has such an upbeat atmosphere with a staff that genuinely love each other and a long standing clientele that are treated like family. I worked with these ladies as a hairstylist for 3 years and have such amazing memories. I was so excited when Gay asked me to take these pictures for her new site, it feels like I'm coming home again every time I walk through those front doors.

How would I describe Gay? Best Boss Ever. It is because of who she is that the salon is "celebrating 25 years of style and class". The salon truly reflects who she is: stylish and sophisticated, warm and genuine....

....not to mention beautiful...

Tammy is one of the first people Gay hired and has been there ever since. She is never without her smile, and she has the most infectious laugh ever.

Eddie tried leaving the salon when her husband had a job transfer and they moved to Paris... but the salon just wasn't the same with out her... For years now she has been making the commute to work at the best salon in the world.

Peggy has to be the most steadfast person I know. Those who know her know what I'm talking about. She has a calming effect on every one around her :)

This is my girl, Laura... I love her so much! She was hired just before me and showed me the ropes when I came on board. We had a lot in common and formed an instant and long lasting bond... We have "hair parties" every few months (not nearly as often as we should) and do each others hair... nobody could ever do my hair like she does :)

I've known Chelsea longer than anyone else at The Gay Blade. Chelsea and I went to high school and hair school together. She is so fun to be around and always gets me laughing!

Cher is the youngest staff member. She is so sweet and talented!

Ray-Lynn is the salon's esthetician... she is so fun to be around and easy to talk to.

Amy is the salon's massage therapist, she is such a sweet, calm person and so good at what she does.

A few pics of them hard at work :)

Such a gorgeous group of women!

I love you guys!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just for fun...

Today I had the pleasure of doing my beautiful aunt + cousins hair for a fancy gala... I couldn't help but snap a few shots of them all dolled up!

Chantal with her husband James Bond (aka Josh). She has the cutest baby bump ever.

Marissa with her handsome fiance, Kaleb... I'm so excited for their big day in June....

Aunt Lori and Uncle Bobby - I love these people! The last time that he wore a tuxedo with tails was at their wedding :)

Little Brody with his beautiful girlfriend, Heather. I blogged their first date (prom) HERE

Love these gorgeous ladies! I had fun catching up with you today and I hope you're having a fab time at the gala tonight :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

James + Tammy

Three years ago Mark and I took picture's of these cuties:

And this beautiful bride (Tammy) loved the pictures that we took of her flower girl and ring bearer 3 years ago, so she asked us to take her wedding pictures... I love referrals :)

James and Tammy live in British Columbia and he is an RCMP officer... I loved the handcuff cuff links! They are both from Ontario originally, but shortly after they started dating James got his first placement with the RCMP out west. After a while Tammy moved west as well, to be with James... he proposed... they planned a wedding... and now they're married. Tammy did an amazing job planning her Ontario wedding all the way from BC!

I love Tammy's emotion as she comes up the aisle! Their ceremony was in an atrium which made really nice lighting!

Tammy is 5'4" and James is 6'9"!!! She's just so cute and little next to him :)

After the ceremony we headed over to the London Courthouse for these pictures...

Thanks Tammy and James for letting us be a part of your beautiful day!